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Summer Research Program 2016

We had a fun and productive summer research program again this summer!  We were fortunate last fall to be awarded an REU site grant from the National Science Foundation, so that enabled us to enlarge the program from the size … Continue reading

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Found in a Box

I recently ascended to Czar of Physics. (Oops — I mistyped Chair and it autocompleted to Czar!) It’s not my first year as Czar, but this time, during the handover from the previous Czar, I inherited a small cardboard box. Inside I found … Continue reading

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12th Annual Pie Festival

We held the 12th annual picnic and pie festival at my house just over a week ago.  (The tradition started the summer after my first year at the College, when one of the summer research students explained that, while she … Continue reading

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BWISER and summer outreach

One of the Wooster summer traditions is the BWISER science camp for 7th and 8th grade girls.  The physics department has been responsible for an evening of demos for the campers since before I came to the College in 2003, … Continue reading

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Criticality in Sandpiles and in the Brain

I’ve started following various science sites on Twitter as a way to keep up on the latest research, and last week an interesting article popped up on with the title “Functioning brain follows famous sand pile model”.  Since my … Continue reading

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The class of 2015 graduated in style on May 11.  Those of us who have been around a while (that would be just me, this year!) were surprised to find that faculty and students were lining up in the Oak … Continue reading

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April is the busiest month

So many things happened in the department in April that I got totally behind. In fact, April was so busy that I’ve only barely caught up here at the end of May. But, some great things happened so I want … Continue reading

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